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Customer Story

The Lotus, Hong Kong

Everyone knows that loyal clients are vital to every business. Loyalty is even more important for a small restaurant like ours. We wanted a way to precisely record our customer’s visit history so that we could embrace each returning guest with the most individual attention possible. The problem was we didn’t have a convenient tool for this.

The Problem​

Lack of Efficient Tool that would Help to Always Recognise Loyal Clients

  • Recognition of frequent or loyal visitors was always tricky for us. We often couldn’t remember all of our clients’ names, as well as how many times they had visited us in the past. Other details were lost too, such as what they liked to order and where they liked to sit, etc. We also had no way of knowing for sure which clients visited more frequently than others.
  • We used to keep a record of all our reservations on paper which meant we had to manually sort guests. Keeping track of their loyalty, preferences and special requests, just wasn’t possible.
  • Putting our failing memories aside, loyal clients would also not be identified by new staff members.
  • We thought that loyalty cards might be able to help us solve this problem but found them to be costly to produce and also that they created a hassle for clients to remember to carry them. Moreover, it seems that the method of cards is already out of date.
The Solution

Automatic Client Database that Records Every Detail of Our Customer’s Visit History

The various functions available in the Tablein system have enabled us to recognize our most loyal guests within our reservation system. Now we are able to impress them with more individual attention and a tailored service by showing that we remember what they ate, which wine they ordered, and even at which table they were sitting when they last visited us.

The Result

Dramatically Stepped Up Service Game and Even More Increased Loyalty

  • Accepting online reservations via Tablein helps us recognise our clients when they return to us, and also to distinguish our most loyal clients from others.
  • Due to implementing an accurate client database with names, visit history, and specific preferences (favourite table, wine, dish, etc.), communication with our most faithful followers rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Now we can recognise our guests in advance and prepare for their visit properly, each time offering a better experience than ever before.
  • We have definitely built stronger relationships with our customers and have noticed that our pleased loyal clients keep visiting us even more often than before!
  • Personalised service, small discounts, and the occasional gift, has opened up a fantastic word-of-mouth advertising stream. Our customers now have even more reasons to talk about us other than our food as we find they now communicate with others about the level of service offered, as well as spontaneous discounts and gifts they receive.

Top Tips by The Lotus

  • Remember to add some notes and tags about each returning client in Tablein guestbook (whether it is their favourite table, preferred wine, date of birth, etc.). It will help you to remember, and the attention to the small details will help to make your loyal guests feel more valued and happy with their decision to return.
  • Show your gratitude for their loyalty! We decided to run a small loyalty program with a discount for all of our loyal clients. We set automatic discounts of 5% after five visits, 10% after 10 visits, and 15% after 15. Also, every 10th visit, we provide small gifts for those customers that have visited us more than 20 times. Clients don’t need to carry around another loyalty card in their wallets to be remembered and rewarded at our restaurant.

The Lotus experience sounds familiar? Reward your most loyal diners with ease by implementing advanced Tablein system in your restaurant management.

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